RW3 TNT GP9 Mega Pack (BRKT)

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RW3 TNT GP9 Mega Pack (BRKT)

Post  ehsdpsrla on Thu Apr 05, 2012 2:54 am

This is BRKT GP9 Repaint Collection Mega Pack!

What has been done:

- ALL GP9 Repaints are RW3 TNT fied!
- Total 28 Repaints!!!

- Rain, Light, Cabsway -> RW3 Version
* Almost perfect

- TNT will function as standalone pack : Key Ctrl+T
- Cab Light Added : Key Ctrl+L

GP9 Mega Pack Scenario:
- It is on "Barstow to San Bernardino" route
- You will see ALL GP9 Consist!!!

GP9 Tuning:
- Cab Handles Buttons Window : ALL Mouse Controllable

GP9 RW3 TNT Mega Pack (BRKT).rwp ?z9x076a2a89na9h

Now this OLD GP9 is really PERFECT!
If you have chance, drop by GP9-B model Cab!


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Re: RW3 TNT GP9 Mega Pack (BRKT)

Post  pelicanul on Wed Aug 22, 2012 2:01 am

The link is broken.


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