RW3+ TNT Class 86

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RW3+ TNT Class 86

Post  ehsdpsrla on Mon Aug 13, 2012 6:11 am

C86 and MK2 RW3+ fied!
- C86 Panto Operation will Sync when in Multiple Head!!
- Mk2BSO Door BUG fixed

RW3+ version:
- Out side window Drop

- Better sound merged

- Some change to rainy days

- TNT will function as standalone pack : Key Ctrl+T
- Cab Light Added : Key Ctrl+L
- AWS Sound Outside : Key Ctrl+W - Default is ON!
- Rain Drop Outside : Key Ctrl+R - Dafault ON when you vIsit Cab
This is "OPEN SESAMI" Version
- Can open doors Any time, Anywhere!
- Key F11/F12 : Right/Left

Class 86 RW3+ TNT.rwp ?jkl87x6ol9rjap4


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