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Readme for Begginner

Post  ehsdpsrla on Tue May 31, 2011 2:12 am

Every TNT pack does NOT overwrite any RW/Payware Default Stock,
So, you can think of TNT is another kind of outer shell of core RW system!
In other words, it is safe to install/uninstall even within STEAM account!


If you have NO idea about which to download?
Download this!

1. TNT HLB base pack from Here!
Forum : TNT and HLB
Thread : Better RW - TNT (Top and Tail) and HLB(High Light Beam)

Then, You can have TNT fuctions and TNT+NIGHT scenarios for Default RW!


2. Additionally if you want to have AP Sound and AP scenarios,
Download this!

Forum : TNT+NIGHT Scenarios for AP
Thread : AP Sound Mega Pack, AP Extra Stock Mega Pack

And, AP scenario packs from that Forum!


3. Also, If you want have TNT functions for some Locos!
Download this!

Forum : TNT and HLB
Thread : Class NNN TNT+NIGHT.rwp


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