How to fix OpenRails "UNKNOWN" Loco Type

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How to fix OpenRails "UNKNOWN" Loco Type

Post  ehsdpsrla on Thu Nov 01, 2012 12:52 am

Here, some activites(scenarios in Railworks case) can not run with OR,
since OR set the Player Loco type to "UNKNOWN".

AT UKTS, there is thread about this, maybe one years ago.
The answer from OR staff is somewhat heuristic,,,
And the thread is CLOSED...

Basiclly that may be due to "OR checks more strictly than MSTS" !


I had this UNKNOWN problem with LSE, GreatEastern(?!) and German route.

Just with tracking down the problem, I have resolved EVERY problems.
So, now I can run ALL scenarios..


Here is summary of What I have fixed/found !
1. On some Electric route, Electric Locos can not be run, e,g, Protrain route!

How to FIX : *trk file

a) MaxLineVoltage ( 0 ) ===> MaxLineVoltage ( 25000 )
b) Missing MaxLineVoltage ===> Instert MaxLineVoltage ( 25000 ) : Great Eastern route

2. On *.con file
There was Quote problem

For example, "MTAW D6548 + D6520.con" file

EngineData ( "D6548" "MT_IJ_D6507_20_22_48_green_yel" )
========> EngineData ( D6548 MT_IJ_D6507_20_22_48_green_yel )


Upto Now,
I have found and fixed these cases,,,
There maybe more and more cases...

However, I think, for any cases, I can track down to the problem and fix it.

So, EVERY MSTS activites can be made to run with OR !
Anyway Good news!


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